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Our Guarantee

The Hettie Belle Farm Guarantee: Central to our lives and business is the open land we steward.  Our cows and sheep are 100% grass-fed. They have as much of mama’s milk as they want, are moved through our pastures daily May-November and fed local hay throughout the winter. Our pigs are pastured in a large forested area where they root day and night. Our chickens, ducks and turkeys spend their entire lives on grass. Our poultry and pigs are always fed Green Mountain Feeds grain to complement the generous pasture space they are provided. All of our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. These are very content, extremely healthy animals that truly thrive in their natural environment. We think meat raised in this way, naturally, tastes better and provides an essential guarantee to customers about what they are feeding their families.

Our Job: It is our job here at the farm to provide the most natural and highest quality life for our livestock.

Your Job: We believe it is the consumer’s job to value that life through intention – conscious choices around purchasing meat, celebrating food in community and paying the real cost for the guarantee of humanely raised, 100% grass-fed beef & lamb and pork and poultry that are fed Green Mountain Feeds grain rations.

Together, this is how we will create viable alternatives to conventional livestock operations and build strong local economies in our communities.  

Why We are Not USDA Certified Organic: We are farming at a small scale and making incredibly conscious decisions about how we raise our livestock and poultry. Because we sell our product directly to our members and customers, and are more than willing to answer any and all of your questions, open up the grain box or let you tour around on your own, we feel that our farm operation is comlpetely transparent.  The USDA organic certification process for livestock is cumbersome and adds a significant expense to our operation. This expense would result in higher prices.  

We can assure you that we only apply manure, compost tea and clean certified organic wood ash to our fields and purchase Green Mountain Feeds  grain for our poultry and pork. Just ask, we're happy to show you!


Raising Animals with Care for People Who Give a Damn!